IIT Stuart-Princeton Fintech and Quant Conference

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October 20, 2018
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
IIT Stuart School of Business Downtown Campus, 565 W Adams St, Chicago, IL 60661
Chicago, IL

Our Mission

The IIT Stuart-Princeton Fintech and Quant Conference seeks to bring together a unique cross-section of leading experts from academia, industry, and government within a relaxed intellectual environment. The conference covers subjects ranging from high-frequency algorithmic trading and statistical arbitrage to model construction and validation. This event provides a unique opportunity for leaders and students in quantitative fields to directly interact and share ideas. The student and young alumni organizing committee is exclusively volunteer-based and 100% of all conference proceeds go towards supporting education nonprofits fighting for economic mobility for underprivileged students. We’re building a legacy for the conference that extends beyond the ivory tower and into the greater community.

One of the biggest trends in the fintech space is blockchain technology. While database and networking technologies have experienced a concurrent but largely separate evolution up until now, blockchains represent the intersection of these disciplines. Blockchains enable systems to maintain a single version of data across a network using a wide variety of cryptographic consensus algorithms, and thus prove to be a fascinating new field of research and innovation. This year's conference will feature speakers from this exciting new space, as well as educational talks and workshops revolving around traditional quant finance. 


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Michael Li
Princeton University
Saikrishna Poddutur
University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign '15
Marius Constantin
Yale University GS '20
Katelyn Schoenberger
Loyola University '19
Nicholas Chow
Princeton University '18
Adam Ratner
University of Chicago GS '21
Runqi Hu
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign GS '19
Sarah Nagy
Princeton University '14
Binayak Kandel
Boston University GS '19
Lily Liu
Cornell University '20
Matt Dellatorre
University of Maryland GS '19
Sinem Uysal
Princeton University GS '19
Hexin Liu
Columbia University GS '19

Email Updates and FAQs

How can I sign up for email updates and discounts?

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How technical is this conference going to be? Will there be lots of math I don’t understand?

The talks are geared towards students who are interested in fintech and quant trading but who don't necessarily know a lot about the topics. We usually have a variety of technical and non-technical talks for students of all backgrounds.

Who is this event open to?

We welcome undergraduate, masters, MBA, PhDs, and Postdocs. In addition, a small number of tickets are made available for faculty and industry.

What is the appropriate dress code for this conference?

This conference is business casual.

Is this event only for Princeton students?

We welcome students from all universities, as well as non-students.

How can I convince my department head or boss to fund my attendance?

Attending the Princeton Fintech and Quant Conference can help advance your professional skills and career goals. These materials will aid you in gaining approval from your department or manager.

Customize your justification letter: Use this template to communicate the value of attending the Princeton Fintech and Quant Conference and the insights and career goals you hope to gain.

Career opportunities: We will collect resumes of attendees and share them with all the speakers who are interested in recruiting. Department heads will be interested to hear about the internship and job opportunities that attending the conference might provide. Check our speakers list to see which companies will be represented!

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